Hi Suzanne just wanted to let u know we took Popcorn out today & she loaded like a dream!! Strolled on & off the lorry without batting an eyelid!! Thanks again for last week xx

Clare, Essex
Hi Suzanne, firstly, thanks so much for yesterday, really enjoyed it and learned so much.
Secondly, fantastic today, schooled Finn in his paddock this morning and again before bringing him in tonight and he was perfect! So pleased. Onwards and upwards!! X

horse suzanne.JPG

….Got back from camp this evening. Loaded and unloaded Finn myself for the first time, he went on first time both ways with a little hesitation and backed off calmly. So pleased with him😍. Thanks helping me to handle him with confidence, our relationship is so much better now. Xx

Jane, Essex

Lulu has never been a constant loader some times yes, other times no .She used to plant herself and that’s where she stayed till either she went on or not .I changed from my lovely Fautrus trailer to a front unload Richardson still not impressed so I brought a lorry and called Suzanne via a recommendation from a friend. Within one session things got going. I had managed to coax Lulu up the ramp but no more, Suzanne worked with us and things happened slowly but surely .We have now been away to Thetford forest for a holiday and Lulu has a different approach to the lorry now without Suzanne this would not have been possible I can’t thank her enough

- Kathy, Essex
Thank you soooo much Suzanne - feels like we have some work to continue with and also the tools in the kit to help now 😀 am excited to get start practicing, thank you again 👍🏻😜 xxx

Hi Suzanne - update on Alfie just loaded and off loaded him 3 times and he didn’t even hesitate walked straight on like a dream, thank you am a very happy horse owner at the moment, will keep you posted when we get out and about but will continue to practice 🐴🤞🏻😁 xxx

-Sue, Kent

I rescued Primrose from dire circumstances when she was barely 3 months old. She had a melting ulcer in one eye, and we nearly lost her to liver failure, but she is now a healthy 15H 5yr old!

Suzanne came into our lives when Prim was a yearling, and I am so glad of her help, support, advice and guidance. Prim has “issues” relating to her unhappy start, but from the very first time Suzanne visited we began to find a route to harmony. It has been a learning experience for me too; I have never had a youngster before or even long reined! So poor Suzanne had to train both of us!

Suzanne is the perfect teacher: Instinctively knowledgeable and always calm, sensible, encouraging and totally reliable. She has taught me so much and her relaxed competency makes the learning process a joy because she explains everything as you progress; this makes each piece of the jigsaw fit into the bigger picture.


Suzanne has taken us on a journey from the very first basic ground work to actually riding, and I am looking forward to her guiding us through the adventures to come. I couldn’t do without her!

- Louise, Kent